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Camp Counselor Positions in Faith Based Camps
Camp Counselor Positions in Faith Based Camps
USA Summer Camp
Summer camps (Camp Counsellor Jobs, Summer Camp Sport Roles, Summer Camps USA Jobs)
May/June - Sept
Variable + Flight + Insurance

Interested in being a Counsellor at a Faith Based Camp?

Teach different sports, crafts performing arts or water sports to children in America!  We have a number of faith-based camps especially for Christian and Jewish leaders!

Summer Camp is the ultimate summer job. Get paid at camp while spending a summer in America! It will be rewarding experience that will leave you with unforgettable memories as well as lifelong friendships from around the world.

Summer camp gives you the opportunity to put your talents to use and teach American campers what you know. There are places available for sport, performing arts, water activities, music, football and many more. Every placement we offer is paid and you'll receive some pocket money you can use to pay for your after camp travels.

Included in the Program:

  • A summer camp placement in the USA
  • Return transatlantic flights
  • Food and accommodation while at camp
  • 90 days comprehensive medical insurance
  • Visa documentation
  • Up to 30 days travel time in the US
  • The summer of a lifetime!